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Two-Year Teaching and Tech

The Two-Year Teaching and Tech Podcast is a resource from Great Falls College MSU’s Teaching and Learning Center and Technology Assistance Center. We share tips and best practices for using instructional technology and teaching in-person and online. Join hosts Wayne Breau, Becky Sullivan, and Mandy Wright each month on the 22nd for fun, informative episodes. 

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Episode 1: The One About Captioning

Why is captioning important? What are the different types of captioning? What should I consider when captioning my videos? Listen to find out the answers to these and other questions!

Episode 2: The One About Our Jobs (transcript)

In this shorter episode, we discuss our roles in the Teaching and Learning Center and Technology Assistance Center. What do instructional designers and instructional technologists do? How do their roles complement each other? What should faculty consider when seeking help with instructional design and instructional technology? Join us for a friendly conversation as we talk about the jobs we love.  

Episode 3: The One About Assessment (transcript)

In this episode, we talk broadly about what assessment means in higher ed. We also discuss a few misconceptions surrounding assessment and try to break them down into more purposeful concepts.

Episode 4: The One About Online Course Assessment (transcript

In this episode, Becky shares some strategies for assessing student learning in online courses. We discuss concerns about cheating, using different types of quizzes and tests, creating effective policies, group work, and more.

Episode 5: The One About Academic Integrity (transcript

In this episode, we explore the idea of academic integrity and how it applies to our campus and more broadly. We talk about plagiarism and TurnItIn, technology tools to help with remote proctoring, and assessment considerations to help avoid academic misconduct. 

Episode 6: The One About Online Education Tools (transcript)

In this episode, Becky and Wayne offer suggestions for finding and evaluating online tools to support instruction. We talk about searching effectively, using LTI integration, and evaluating tools with an online rubric. Click here to find the quick guide for the W3C WCAG standards. Click here to learn more about Mendeley.  

Episode 7: The One About Universal Design for Learning (transcript)

In this episode, Becky teaches us about UDL, Universal Design for Learning. We consider broadly what UDL means, how to integrate it into our teaching, and what UDL might look like in our current COVID-affected teaching environments. Learn more about the UDL guidelines at

5 Examples of Universal Design for Learning in the Classroom

Universal Design for Learning (UDL): A Teacher’s Guide

The Difference Between Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Traditional Education 

Episode 8: The One About 2020 (transcript)

In this episode, we wrap up 2020 with a conversation about our experiences living and working during the COVID pandemic. We share some ideas for self-care and how to cope. 

Episode 9: The One About Our Hopes for 2021

In this episode, we kick off the new year by discussing our hopes and ideas for education in 2021.