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Workshop Wednesdays provide training on a variety of teaching and instructional technology topics. Sessions will include informative content at the beginning, followed by Q&A time. We hope participants will come to learn and share their own knowledge and ideas. 

Workshop Wednesday sessions will be regularly scheduled on Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m., Mountain. Calendar invitations will be sent out prior to each workshop.

During the semester in which they are offered, Workshop Wednesday sessions are eligible for OPI renewal units and can be listed on professional development plans for faculty promotion. Sessions are recorded for future viewing. 

Spring 2021 Offerings

After participating live or watching recorded sessions, please complete the tracking and feedback survey to share your thoughts and request OPI renewal units:

Click on the title of the workshop to watch the recording. 

1/20 Participation, Interaction, and Critical Thinking with Discussion Questions with Becky Sullivan

Discussion questions can be an effective way to encourage participation and critical thinking in online classes. Join Becky to learn more about this important tool. 

2/3 Online Student Engagement with Becky Sullivan 

Join Becky to learn strategies to engage students in online classes. Supporting introverted and anxious students will also be addressed. 

2/17 Integrating High Impact Practices (HIPs) in Courses with Mandy Wright

High Impact Practices have been shown to increase student engagement and success. What is the difference between a HIP and good teaching practice? Join Mandy to explore High Impact Practices and how they might be used and assessed in courses. 

3/3 D2L Tools Highlight

During this session, we highlighted using groups, creating release conditions, and using the new ReadSpeaker feature in quizzes.  

Groups Handout    Release Conditions Handout

3/17 Incorporating and Assessing Professionalism in Courses with Becky Sullivan and Mandy Wright

Professionalism is one of our College Learning Outcomes but may seem difficult to assess in certain courses, especially Gen Ed. Join us as we explore ways to easily identify and assess professionalism.  

3/31 Blended Learning Panel

Join Robin Williams and Lauren Swant to learn more about how they and their colleagues teach blended courses, including students in person and synchronously online. 

4/14 Open Educational Resources (OER) with Christina Trunnell

Open educational resources (OER) can save students money and offer faculty more flexibility in course materials. Learn more about what open educational resources are, how to find and use them in your course, and other resources available. 

4/28 D2L Tools Highlight

During this session, we will highlight one or two D2L tools or features. This is not a repeat of the 3/3 session.

Previous Workshop Wednesday sessions can be found below. Click on the title of the workshop to open the video. 

Classroom Assessment Strategies with Mandy Wright

How well are the assessment tools in your course helping students demonstrate learning? Are there other types of assessment tools or strategies that would be a better fit? Join Mandy to explore formative and summative assessment strategies. 

The GFC MSU Assessment Process with Mandy Wright

Join us to learn about the student learning assessment process for 2020-2021. Mandy explains the role of faculty reflection and how it fits into programmatic and institutional assessment. 

Panopto with Wayne Breau and Becky Sullivan

Curious about creating instructional video content? Looking for a tool that integrates easily with D2L and captions videos? Come learn about Panopto!

Point-based vs Weighted Grading with Becky Sullivan

When should we use points-based grading? When is weighted grading appropriate? Join Becky as she compares and contrasts these two common grading systems and shares how to set up the D2L Brightspace grade book using both methods.  

WebEx Education Connector with Wayne Breau

WebEx Education Connector is a helpful tool integrated with D2L Brightspace. Learn how to set up and use WebEx Education Connector to improve communication with students.

  Coming soon

Accessibility with Becky Sullivan

Accessibility is critical to ensuring equitable learning experiences for students. Join Becky to explore methods to improve accessibility, particularly in online courses.

TILT (Transparency in Learning and Teaching) with Mandy Wright

How can I help students understand how and why they are learning course content? What can I do to help students understand how assignments fit into the overall design of the course? Join Mandy to discuss the TILT project and how transparent instruction and assignment design can transform your students' learning experiences.

Creativity in Online Courses with Susan Gassaway

Learn some creative ways to spark students’ enthusiasm in online learning. 

Flipped Learning and the HyFlex Model with Becky Sullivan and Mandy Wright

We‘ve all heard the term “flipped instruction,” but do you know how to incorporate it into your courses? Learn more about this teaching model and find out how to align it with your own instructional practices. We will also discuss an alternative instructional model called the HyFlex model as a way to add even more flexibility to your course. 

HyFlex Pilot Update with Steve Robinett

After participating in HyFlex workshops this summer, Steve went all-in on using the HyFlex model this fall. Join Steve as he shares an update of his experience and lessons learned from teaching with the HyFlex model. 

Steve's orientation video for his students: 

Steve's orientation slide deck for his students.

Online Instruction Best Practices with Becky Sullivan 

Learn more about strategies and best practices for effective online instruction. Please note that there are few visuals in this recording due to technical difficulties.

Click on this link for the best practices handout with choice board examples and rubrics.

Orienting Learners to Your Course with Becky Sullivan

Learn more about orienting your learners to your online course. We discuss the reasons why you should create an orientation for learners, what the orientation should include, and how you can create a simple and quick orientation.

Camtasia with Dan Casmier

Join Dan to learn how he has integrated Camtasia, the video recording and editing software, in his courses. Dan will share tips, tricks, and ideas for using this powerful teaching and learning tool. 

Integrating Collaborative Tools with Steve Robinett

The workshop will explore the use of Microsoft Teams as a collaborative tool in both face-to-face and online modalities.  Other sharing services such as whiteboards and shared docs will be covered. Hands-on experience with all tools will be offered.

Collaborative tools slide deck

Whiteboard Fox--interactive virtual whiteboard

Teams Quick Start Guide

Respondus with Wayne Breau

Respondus is more than just the Lockdown Browser. Come learn about the other tools Respondus offers, including collaborative study tools for students. 

Smartpens with Dan Casmier

What are smartpens and how can they be used for teaching and learning? Join Dan as he shares his experiences with this interactive tech tool.

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