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Reporting Requirements

All work-related accidents, no matter how minor, must be immediately reported to your Supervisor, unless precluded by emergency medical treatment. The supervisor, with the employee’s assistance, or without if the employee is incapacitated, must complete the First Report Form. This form is available online, please follow this link:

Medical Treatment

If it is necessary to seek medical attention, please notify your Supervisor immediately (if reasonable) your Supervisor will notify Human Resources. If the injury creates an emergency situation proceed to the emergency room and notify your Supervisor as soon as you are able. After seeking medical treatment, if the injury results in time off work it is your responsibility to keep in touch with your Supervisor; daily if possible, to coordinate time off work. The injured employee is required to provide the Supervisor with a completed Return to Work Authorization Form to return from leave. The form is available HERE or in the Human Resources office. The Return to Work Authorization needs to be forwarded to Human Resources within 24 hours of the employee’s return from leave due to injury. If the work release has any light duty or modified work restrictions, the Supervisor and Human Resources will work together regarding accommodating the restrictions.

No Medical Treatment

If it is not necessary to seek medical attention the only form that needs to filed is the First Report Form.

Third Party Administrator

The electronic and hard copy forms will be submitted to the third-party administrator handling our work comp claims.

You should advise medical providers to send bills for services to:

Intermountain Claims
100 24th St W, Suite 1
PMB 140
Billings, MT 59102

December 2015