200.00 Cash Accounts

200.10 Introduction

  • Great Falls College MSU cash accounts must be set up and approved by the Business Office. Great Falls College follows operations as set by Montana Operations Manual Policy 326.

200.20 Forms

  • Cash Custodian Agreement
  • Cash Use Agreement

200.30 Procedures

  • If a department wishes to set up either a cash change fund or petty cash fund, contact the business office with prepared justification as to why it would meet the business needs of the department.
  • Consider a dollar amount that is reasonable.
  • The Business Office will help determine the type of cash account necessary.
  • If approved, the Business Office will set up the account with the Statewide Accounting Bureau and in Banner.
  • The cash account can only be used for its designated purpose.

200.40 Custodian/Use

  • Each cash account will have an assigned custodian who is ultimately responsible for the account. The custodian must complete the Cash Custodian Agreement. The Business office will retain this record.
  • Each employee with access to the cash must sign a Cash Use Agreement. The Business Office will retain this record.

200.50 Deposits

  • Money collected as part of operations will be taken to the Business Office for deposit. It will not be used for another purpose.

200.60 Security

Cash will be kept secure at all times.