Welcome to the Tenure and Promotion Committee Information Page! 

Our goal is to provide faculty with accessible and transparent information about the tenure and promotion process. 

The current committee member list can be viewed on the campus committees page

Yes! The Tenure and Promotion Committee put together a Tenure and Promotion Handbook to help clarify the process. This gives an overview of the tenure and promotion process, as well as support for completing the PDP form and portfolio.  

The Professional Development Plan (PDP) form should be completed to seek approval/review of professional development. The form must be signed by your division director prior to committee submission. Complete a new form when seeking approval for additional professional development--previously approved PD should not be included.

The Professional Development Tracking form is a spreadsheet to help you track completed professional development topics and hours. This file should be uploaded to the promotion portfolio to assist the Tenure and Promotion Committee with review of completed professional development applied to promotion. 

The Portfolio Guidelines outline the formatting and content requirements for the tenure portfolio and promotion portfolio. Please contact Becky Sullivan if you do not have a D2L Brightspace portfolio course shell.   


The Master ePortfolio Template Course Shell is formatted following the most current portfolio requirements.

All faculty have access to the master portfolio template course shell in D2L Brightspace. Please use this course shell as a guide when creating and updating your own portfolio, as it will demonstrate the most recent formatting and content requirements.  

Tenure and Promotion Overview

The video below offers an overview of the tenure and promotion process.